Biblical, Confessional, Reformed

Providence Presbyterian Church is a congregation of believers and their children who are united not by cultural practices, or political parties, but by one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. We are a church committed to confessional, Presbyterian/Reformed Christianity. In short, that means we are passionate about the Gospel, serious about worship, and seek to live our lives to the glory of God alone.

We gather together each Sunday to hear Christ proclaimed from the whole Bible. Worship is a spiritual feast spread before us so that our famished souls may be nourished with God’s ordained means (Word and Sacrament), and we will be strengthened in faith, renewed in the mind, and continue to be sanctified as pilgrims in this present evil age.

Because of the love Christ has shown to us, we seek to love each other as a spiritual family, and love our neighbor as ourselves.

We are seeking families and individuals to join together with us to grow a biblically faithful Presbyterian church in the Fort Wayne area.

If you are weary, lacking in assurance, longing to hear some good news, and burned out from the frenzy of life, Providence Presbyterian Church may be just the people and place you are looking for. Come and see for yourself.

Our History

“Are you reformed?  We are seeking like fellowship.” This quotation appeared in a 1991 Fort Wayne newspaper advertisement, inviting those of the Reformed Christian faith to come to a Bible study, whose goal was the formation of a church.  A small group, including a family from Ohio, began meeting in the home of the couple…


Elders and deacons play a crucial role in the functioning of a church, providing spiritual guidance, leadership, and support to the congregation. These individuals help to create a sense of community, promote unity, and ensure the smooth operation of church programs and activities.