Sermons on Parables

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The Church’s Mystery: Hidden, Now Revealed

As we think about Christ’s church, what should we expect for her trouble and state? Should we expect her to diminish as the wicked world around us prospers? The answer is in the meaning of mystery: what was once hidden is meant to be revealed. We can look back to the promise to Abraham to receive the nations as his heritage and here we are in 2024, in Fort Wayne, IN, and we gentiles have our lives hidden in Christ. God is sovereign and we can trust his promise.

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Why DId the Kingdom Come Powerlessly

Why did the Kingdom of God appear to come powerlessly? If the kingdom is here, why does it appear so powerless? Why is it that so many people reject it? Why did the religious leaders of Christ’s time reject the kingdom? If the kingdom is here, why haven’t all our enemies been over thrown. Christ’s response to these questions is simple, yet profound: the sower sows a word.

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Christ’s Use of Parables

In this sermon, Pastor Tony looks at why Jesus communicated through parables, why his message seemed to come without power, and when the promised punishment would come. Jesus used parables both to reveal secrets of the kingdom to those with faith, but also to conceal his meaning from unbelievers. The sermon focuses on what the Parable of the Sower reveals about the nature and reception of God’s kingdom.