Sermons on Forgiveness of Sin

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A Dining Place for Sinners

We’re confronted, as we open this passage, with questions–questions about the Kingdom. Who gets into the Kingdom? What are the qualifications for getting into this Kingdom?

Are we willing to be self-reflective enough to realize that, at the end of the day, we have nothing to offer God of our own righteousness?

Only then do you have any chance of joining the Kingdom of God.

Coming of the King FB

What is Most Needful?

What is most needful in life? If someone were to ask you that, how would you answer? In this passage, we see a man lying before Jesus paralyzed, and Jesus’ comment takes everyone by surprise: “Your sins are forgiven you.” It seems insensitive that this man is dealing with obvious physical need, and yet, Christ is bringing up the forgiveness of sins instead. By placing this in the text, Christ–through Mark– is making us reckon with some big questions. Not only does this cause cognitive dissonance, it makes a bold statement about who Christ is and the coming of the Kingdom. Christ is trying to show us something. The question is: “Will you see it?”