Sermons on Biblical Studies

Servant Songs of Isaiah

God’s Servant Equipped and Victorious

Jesus as the servant of God is described in Isaiah 42 as being upheld, and loved by the Father, and as having the Spirit poured out upon him to empower him for his work. Jesus was the better ensurer of victory than Moses, a more acceptable sacrifice than the types and shadows of the law, and equipped with the Spirit to proclaim God’s will. Thus equipped, the servant does actually accomplish all the Father gives him to do in patience and with gentleness.

Coming of the King FB

A Most Powerful Christ

As we come to this text, we see again, that Christ’s ministry and the coming of his kingdom forces a decision. We see two groups of people. One group, the crowds, believe the claims of Christ and they want to draw closer to him–they stand on the inside of the house with him. Second, there’s a group that stands on the outside. Their determination is that he’s insane, or not just that he’s insane, but that he’s evil. These are the very same questions this text forces on us.

Is he deity? Is he delusional? Or, is he a deceiver?

Take heed how you hear this word.

Coming of the King FB

The Nation’s Re-Creation, Calling and the Cost

This section of Mark may sound merely routine–it’s just a list of names. God does not give his word with insignificant portions. The Holy Spirit, through Mark is very selective. Rather than just being filler, our text shows us nothing less than that Christ accomplishes the fulfilling of God’s promises. We find in this passage the nation’s re-creation, the calling of the nation, and the cost.

Coming of the King FB

A Dining Place for Sinners

We’re confronted, as we open this passage, with questions–questions about the Kingdom. Who gets into the Kingdom? What are the qualifications for getting into this Kingdom?

Are we willing to be self-reflective enough to realize that, at the end of the day, we have nothing to offer God of our own righteousness?

Only then do you have any chance of joining the Kingdom of God.